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Globalfoundries Advanced Process Motivates MP of Senodia 6-Axis IMU

2018-10-15 02:09:28

Senodia 6-Axis IMU SH200Q & SH200L which supports OIS started MP in October, 2017.

The SH200Q and SH200L are integrated with a three-axis accelerometer of +/-16G range and a multi-range three-axis gyroscope, provides a digital signal output interface and built-in 16BitsADC.6-axis IMU was specifically divided into two models: SH200Q 3X3X0.9MM³24PinsQFN package, and SH200L 3X3X1.05MM³14Pins LGA package with 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope.GLOBALFOUNDRIES' advanced MEMS process, whether its product performance or MEMS chip consistency, yield has achieved the ideal standard approved by market and customer use in the past six months. In addition, the unique MEMS process also makes the product better cost advantage, and helps Senodia to promote products in various market applications.

Rajesh Nair, vice president of Globalfoundries product management, said: "Globalfoundries and Senodia have achieved fruitful and expected results through long-lasting cooperation. MEMS 6-axis IMU is one of the cooperative projects like inertial sensors, ultrasonic column sensor,etc. As a leading global fab, the core sensor provides processing solutions in mass production certification and industrial matching on the mainstream platform of 180nm. We are very pleased to cooperate with Senodia to make our core process expertise and capacity advantages in MEMS manufacturing to the best, jointly developing mass-produced MEMS sensor products that meet market needs.

Zou Bo, Chairman and CEO of Senodia, said: "The 6-axis IMU project is one of the key projects of Senodia, it challenges the design and development of MEMS and ASIC, also requires high demands on the MEMS process. It took more than two years to achieve MP since our first cooperation, thanks to the core advanced and mature inertial technology of Globalfoundries the core design rule realized higher efficiency and smaller die size, consistency and stability greatly shorten time of the design verification and mass production. It also has brought great results due to the efficient cooperation on controlling project development and mass production, which improves the product performance, yield, etc,. The production capacity of Globalfoundries is also a key factor that is highly valued by Senodia. We look forward to having more successful cooperation on MEMS sensor products in the future, to further increase market share.

The 6-axis IMU is widely used in many products such as smartphones/tablets, wearable devices, AR/VR devices, self-balancing scooters, robot cleaners and drones. The successful cooperation between Globalfoundries and Senodia has been a milestone, filling the gap  of the consumer-grade six-axis IMU in the domestic market, increasing more options for client supply chain. We will have more cooperation to promote new products and more high-quality sensors.

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